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Apr 18

Next Week – Back to Shangri-La on the Potomac

Next week they’ll be back in Washington DC.  Tax day is past so the coffers are partially full and we need to get that money (and a bunch more borrowed money) given away and spent!  To coin a popular phrase, it’s “fake money” that is controlled in the Washington DC Shangri-La (a “fake world”.)   …

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Aug 01

Devastating Epidemic? Or Devastating Government?

Congress is still on vacation but the staff members continue to impress us with coverage of all the things Congresspersons are doing on our behalf.  My Congressman Scott Tipton is no different.  His (and other Congress-people’s) attention to the major crises facing our nation never cease to amaze me… A “devastating epidemic” is in good …

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Jul 21

Senator Bennet is “concerned”…

I received this e-mail letter from Senator Michael Bennet today (July 21, 2016.)  Michael (and the rest of the US Senate) is on summer vacation so I doubt he penned this himself – duh!  I take it this is a response to my June 13th letter http://flyingwblog.com/?p=2671 regarding the then pending bail out of Puerto …

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Jul 13

Only a Month’s Vacation – Time for Reflection?

Congress is getting ready to leave DC for a month or more – Summer Vacation.  Some believe the best times are the times Congress is not in session – less damage to the nation that way.  Sad when Congress being in session is more likely to create more damage rather than fix our problems.  I …

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Apr 17

Time to Change – Taxes without the IRS!

I missed last week – participating in the Colorado State GOP Assembly – the one that gained so much undue attention in the national media.  I was one of those nasty delegates that supposedly disenfranchised the Colorado Voters!  But I’m back and notifying my Representative and Senator’s that Tax Reform is still overdue!   Colorado …

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Jan 12

Back to the Basics – Good (party) Politics!

Back to the basics is sometimes good strategy.  Often when the battle plan, the game plan or even dinner plans seem to be falling apart, going back to the basics is the best strategy.  Party politics’ have basics – most often detailed in the party platform.  The Republican Platform has policy contained therein worth a …

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Nov 17

Congress – Limping along until January

We now begin the weirdest part of our Constitutional form of government – finishing a Congressional Session made up of voting representatives including some that have been removed from office by their constituents – go figure…  Some suggestions to my re-elected Congressman Scott Tipton (R-CO) below.   Scott – The remainder of this 113th Congress …

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Mar 24

House Representatives Are So Busy This Week

The House and Senate publish a floor schedule each week so us taxpayers will know what our government is doing – Yeah, Right! For what it’s worth I sent this letter to my Representative Scott Tipton (R-CO) with my thoughts about this week’s House calendar.   Scott – I see you have another busy week …

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Jun 10

Longest Day – Extra Time for Some Changes

Days will be getting “longer” for about 10 more days.  Extra time for Congress to do stuff. Here’s a couple ideas for something to do that would really be good for the country. Think it could or would ever happen? This letter sent this date to my three “Elected Representatives” in Washington DC – that …

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Aug 08

“…we all know…”

He did it again – these guys just can’t stop telling you how wonderful they are.  Now Senator Udall (D-CO) is telling me what according to him “…we all know…” But really what he is doing is highlighted in the last word of today’s e-mail shown here. My e-mail response went to Mark today: Mark: …

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