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Oct 06

The State of Colorado knows how to manage water resources

This week I’m asking the Colorado State Government for help regarding the proposed EPA ruling which, in essence, would take control of national water resources away from the States and put control in the hands of federal government bureaucrats.  I’ve written numerous letters regarding this issue to my Congressional Representative and Senators.  I think this …

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Aug 18

Language Matters – English is Ours! – Make it Official!

31 States have already made English their official language.  Currently five more states are reviewing doing the same.  Our nation’s continued survival as the most powerful social-economic positive influence on humanity may well be in the balance.  We need to make English our nation’s official language. The letter below was sent to my Representative Scott …

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Jul 25

Federal Power Grab called “…just a clarification.”

This letter to both my Senators is important enough to cover two weeks legislative session before the big “August Recess.”  The EPA is attempting to cover up their largest federal power grab ever by changing the definition of “Navigable Waters” – again – and calling it a “clarification.”  The agency should be disbanded!   Dear …

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Apr 14

Legislation by Petition – – Again?

My Senator Udall wants to slap down a recent Supreme Court Decision regarding citizens’ campaign financing.  He obviously thinks it will work against his re-election campaign.  For once, thankfully,  he’s probably correct! He (Senator Mark Udall D-CO) isn’t sure what to do about the ruling so he’s asking me to sign a petition. That should …

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Mar 31

Logic and Government – Governor, They Don’t Mix

Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper was talking to a long standing Colorado western slope civil affairs group last week about his State Water Plan when he off-handed mentioned that maybe all the dams in Colorado should be raised 10 feet for more water storage. Ooops!  My response below was copied to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel …

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Mar 17

It is a lot more than tweets, youtube and facebook!

Our nation is dependent upon the internet – yes for our madness with social networking (Facebook, tweets, youtube, etc., etc.) but most importantly for commerce, distribution, media exchange, ever increasing day to day business – the Internet has become part of the foundation of our economy. The UN wants control – every nation on the …

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Mar 10

Don’t Have It? – $pend it anyway! Will it ever end? Nope!

President Obama presented his budget this past week.  His total disregard  for the budgeting process of fiscal management is once again reflected in his work.  If confronted with questions regarding deficit spending he always says he will reduce deficit spending.  Shown below is his way of keeping the nation out of debt.  I’d like to …

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Mar 04

Muzzle Our Information – We May Muzzle YOU!

In Colorado we use the Caucus method to begin our election process.  Senator Udall is up for re-election.  Hopefully he recognizes he needs to now, more than ever over the past five years, begin to pay attention to his constituents.  It would be refreshing if he would do so – but habits are hard to …

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Feb 17

An Easy Way to Increase Military Retirement Pay

It’s President’s Day so no more formal damage from Washington DC until next week.  But my two Senator’s voted last week to not allow the reduction of military retirees pay. That deserves some recognition.  Hence my letter to Senators Mark Udall (D-CO) and Michael Bennet (D-CO).   Dear Senators Udall & Bennet: I see you …

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Feb 10

Using laws we already have – what an idea!

“Comprehensive” is, in fact, a really nebulous   (indistinct, vague) term – perhaps that is why “Comprehensive” is such a popular adjective with our politicians.  Nothing works better than a term that is so well defined – using indistinct and vague terms – when it comes to describing something that is way better left, well, not …

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